NEGAREH HALIMI Animation Filmmaker & Visual Artist

Pyracantha (2015)

A short experimental stop motion in 6':21".

Distribution and screening in France by Les Films Du Whippet : from September 28. 2016

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Pedagogical File


The sun rises, and Nature and all its inhabitants wake up. One of them, alone, leaves home in search of his favorite food, Pyracantha…


Film info:

Director: Negareh Halimi
Producer: Negareh Halimi
Script: Negareh Halimi/Amin Malekian
Sound: Ali Nouri
Animation: Negareh Halimi
Camera: Negareh Halimi

Mise en scène: Negareh Halimi



-11th Edition of Voice from the waters Festival(2017-India)

-Tokyo Anime Award Festival-Iranian Animation Special(2017-Japan)

-6th National Hassanat Short Film Festival (2017-Iran)

-7th International Animation Festival of Pernambuco(2016-Brazil)

-9th Tehran International Animation Festival(2015-Iran)
-9th International Animation Festival FIA(2015-Uruguay)
-5th StopTrik International Film Festival (2015-Slovenia)
-Iranian Animation Night in Sweden(2015-Lund,Sweden)
-45th Roshd International Film Festival (2015-Iran)

-31st Tehran International Short Film Festival(2014-Iran)


-Best Video Short Movie and Experimental Animation at the 9th International Animation Festival FIA(2015-Uruguay)
- Best Student Film & Direction in 9th Tehran International Animation Festival(2015-Iran)

-Best Animation in 6th National Hassanat Short Film Festival (2017-Isphahan/Iran)

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